Table Migration Using Spring boot

Every programmer, once in a lifetime have faced a scenario where they have to move a particular(or bulk) table from one schema to other or one database to another, and the task becomes more hectic when you have to move these tables on regular basis.

Well.. There is a easy way of doing it, Why Don’t you Automate it… but how????
Don’t worry, We will give a very easy step by step Solution of doing this automation task…

Here is a video Series for automating Table Migration

Session 1: In This session we will discuss about the actual requirement.
Data Feeds comes in the client database on periodic basis(every 30 minutes).
Actual Requirement: “Tables Employee and Location from client Database has to be moved to Application Database where it is used for further processing and manipulation by micro-services.”
Spring boot has to be used to automate this task. The Video Below Shows the actual requirement and high level approach to do this project.

Session 2: In this session we will do some initial environment setup, you will need a Java Ide, MySql/Oracle/any database. We will create a Spring boot project using MySQL, Web and JPA dependencies in pom.xml. In this session we are configuring the initial configurations and performing read operation from Database.

Session 3: In this session, we are disabling auto data-source configuration property of Spring boot, we are configuring multiple data-source for read and write operations.

For defining your own data source, you must override 3 important things in spring boot application.
3.Transaction Manager

We have discussed in detailed in this video.

Session 4: In this Session , we are persisting the data from source database to destination database. Last session you learnt about how to define your data source, in this session. U will learn how to use those datasources.
Making of this Session video is in progress and will be available soon.

Full Post Coming Soon………….

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