Spring Boot Interview Questions

Spring boot interview Questions

Que 1: What is Auto Configuration?

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Que 2: What are Spring Boot Starter Projects?

Que 3: Can you explain more about Starters with an example?

Que 4 : What are the other Starter Project Options that Spring Boot provides?

Que 5: How does Spring enable creating production ready applications in quick time?

Que 6: What is the easiest approach to create a Spring Boot Project?

Que 7: Is Spring Initializr the only way to create Spring Boot Projects?

Que 8: Why do we need spring-boot-maven-plugin?

Que 9: How can I enable auto reload of my application with Spring Boot?

Que 10: What and Why Embedded Servers?

Que 11: How can I add custom JS code with Spring Boot?

Que 12: What is Spring Data?

Que 13: What is Spring Data REST?

Que 14: What happens in the background when a Spring Boot Application is “Run as Java Application”?

Que 15 : Can we use jetty instead of tomcat in spring-boot-starter-web?

Que 16 : How to generate a WAR file with Spring Boot?

Que 17 : How do we connect to a external database like MSSQL or oracle?

Que 18: What happens if H2 is not in the classpath?

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