Microservices project with Spring boot and spring cloud

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In this course, you will learn to make a project on microservices with spring boot and spring cloud, and you will also understand how things work in IT industry in real time. We have have listed down all the project that we are going to make as a part of this microservice. You can always comeback to this website to check the port configurations.

Implementation of this project can only be understood through the video tutorial and you can start taking the course from our YouTube channel here. It is recommended use laptop/desktop and follow along with the tutorial. You can also download the PPT used in this video for your reference from here.

Port Configuration

Nexflix Eureka Naming Server8761
Netflix Zuul Gateway Server8765
Zipkin Distributed Tracing server9411
port configuration

Source code till session 9 – download

Source code till session 4 – download

Latest update: JUUL API Gateway configuration video tutorial is now available here.

Next video in the series is Zipkins Distributed server which is still under development.

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