Interview Questions on Collection Framework

1. Difference between collection, Collection and Collections in java?

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2. List implementations of List Interface ?

3. Difference between Array and ArrayList ?

4. Difference between arraylist and vector ?

5. Define Iterator and methods in Iterator?

6. Explain ListIterator and methods in ListIterator?

7. When do we use HashSet over TreeSet?

8. Explain about Map interface in java?

9. What is linked hashmap and its features?

10. What is Hashtable and explain features of Hashtable?

11. Difference between HashMap and Hashtable?

12. Difference between arraylist and linkedlist?

13. Difference between arraylist and linkedlist?

14. Difference between Comparator and Comparable in java?

15. What is concurrent hashmap and its features ?

16. Difference between Concurrent HashMap and Hashtable and

17. Explain copyOnWriteArrayList and when do we use copyOnWriteArrayList?

18. Explain about fail safe iterators in java?

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