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programming to kids

Instructing Coding to Kids: What Programming Language Should We Use?

programming to kids

One of the most common inquiries that we get from parents now a days is what programming language to introduce to my kids. Where to start and how to start? At What age should we introduce Coding? What to pick between Java, Python or JavaScript?

Well, we will answer to all these questions in this post.

For Kids, Coding language is not important. But the idea of writing computer programs is important.

As you know, languages are not permanent, you learnt java yesterday, but today python is in trend and tomorrow something else will be in trend. Learning language isn’t significant but understanding how to take care of the day to day problems with the code is important. Planting a seed in your child’s mind that there are vast possibilities with coding is important.

Starting to code from day 1 isn’t possible. its a step by step process and there are lots of activities that kits have to go through before coming to actual coding. Believe me !! coding if fun.

Programming dialects changes with time

My First programming language was pascal and through the years, the languages kept on changing. One thing which did not change was the logic but with every programming language, syntax was changed along with some simplicity. Some seven years back, i proposed a childern to start with logo designing, the most punctual CS instruction language.

Despite so many other possibilities, it stays a solid choice accessible even today. once the kid start showing interest an spent enough time and energy coding, its the time to switch the dialect.

Block or Content?

When i was a kid, i began my learning with Scratch programming. Scratch programming is a block-based visual programming language which is designed for kids between 8 to 16 years of age. This language allows to create games, animation and interactive stories.

For the kids between this age group, block based programming is a blessing as they don’t have to worry about commas or brackets. Idea of learning is important not the brackets.

On the other hand, Content based coding basically focuses on language structure, spellings etc. They are mostly used by professionals in the industrial coding. examples are java, python, JavaScript etc.

What makes any programming language a decent language for instructing children to code? Are there any criteria to assist pick a language?

First of all, Coding is all about ideas, you don’t have to worry about picking your first ideal language. It should be learnt in a progressive manner. While programming dialect are selected on number of criteria’s, here are some of the significant ideas we consider.

Does it have a solid network of instructors?

Suppose you start learning a language and you are stuck with some concept due to which you can not proceed further. In such situation you will search for blogs or YouTube or other support forums. but what if you don’t find any help there as well? Having a network of language support is very important for entry level. That will help you planning exercise, making projects etc.

Is it simple to get?

In modern world, if any language which is very hard to understand will not survive for long. ask yourself, the langauge which you are learning. Is it very hard to understand. Over the years, python has promised very easy to learn and having abundant of features. Now a days, you will see python is the school courses.

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