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Industries That are Making Tech A Priority

The data showcases the verticals which are advancing into cloud apps and latest technologies.  



It is true that every company now a days are making themselves technology advanced. And it’s also true that no industry can survive for long term if they don’t update their technologies.

A new Data from Okta customer shows that several companies are building their own apps, innovating technologies, Adopting to New and leaving behind legacy. Data from the past year shows there has been significant increase in new innovating apps by 25%. Research and development budget of these companies have increased by 17%. And these data are enough to showcase that Prioritizing technology is not a new thing.

Lets have a look at verticals

Media and Entertainment Industry The time of newspapers, television sets, Radios are long gone, this industry has adopted to customers needs very rapidly. For instance, Now a days we have Amazon Videos, Netflix, every platform have their own individual apps.

For the past 4 years, Customers have flung towards Quality content and boycotting legacy and lame content. As a result, media industry have adopted to developers tools which is being used by 68.9% customers.

Technology Industry If you work at a technology company, count at the number of apps you use on daily basis for day to day activities. In addition, technology companies are embracing other technologies to enhance their security, speed up processes and increase employee efficiency. Also, these industries are leading the charge to adaptation of developers tools.

Finance and Banking industry is one of the leading example of being a traditional industry which is adopting to more technologies each year. From year 2017 to 2019, okta customers reported grew by 37%. Additionally, the industry grew with one developer tool by 6 percent. Above all, you can relate this with number of customer who have walked into bank have drastically reduced by 67%.

Healthcare industry in the world of pharma, biotech and healthcare saw a significant increase in 2018-2019 by 38 percent. The clinical data of patients were always at risk of theft. but recent introduction of technology have gained significant advancement. Additionally, technology have introduced new diagnostics machines that almost everything is possible in healthcare.

Education industry one such example is our website. I mean the availability of information in most organized way. Also, This is one sector where things are moving much faster and there is room of improvement as well. Therefore, we see lots of apps like Byju’s , Udmey Academy etc have came in to ease the availability of knowledge.

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